First Visit

What to expect on your first dental visit

As soon as a child’s tooth appears, it’s time for a dental visit. The ADA recommends that your child’s first dental visit should be scheduled within the first six months of the appearance of the first tooth. Don’t wait for your child to start school or for a dental emergency to see a pediatric dentist. It’s good to start early getting your child acclimated and comfortable with the dentist and creating healthy oral habits.

To make your child’s first visit to the dentist the most comfortable as possible, please consider:

  • Making a morning appointment - that’s when children are most rested and cooperative
  • Children can pick up on your emotions, so try and keep your own anxieties or concerns to yourself.
  • Talk with your child about what to expect at the dentist before his/her appointment.

A helpful tip: Don’t use intimidating words that could cause your child unnecessary fear. Dentists and staff are specially trained to use positive and pleasant words – try not to say drill, pain, pull, or needles, which might incite anxiety. Ask your dentist to communicate to your child the procedures and answer questions.

During the first dental visit, expect the dentist to do the following:

  • Check for dental injuries, cavities or other issues
  • Communicate if your child is at risk of tooth decay
  • Clean your child’s teeth and provide education about daily dental care
  • Discuss teething and habits such as finger/thumb sucking and pacifiers
  • Offer any advisable treatment and schedule the next appointment


Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is in all water sources, including oceans, rivers and lakes. Fluoride is also added to community water systems, toothpastes and mouth rinses. Since fluoride helps to make tooth enamel more resistant to tooth decay, infants and toddlers who don’t receive an adequate amount of it could be at risk for tooth decay. Children who regularly drink bottled water or unfluoridated tap water may be missing out on fluoride’s benefits.

At Canyon Kids Dental…

We take pride in providing the best dental experience for your child. Our dentists, assistants, and staff enjoy working with children and have been specially trained to help put your child at ease. Before sitting in the dental chair, our dental assistants will introduce themselves to you and your child and are eager to hear any questions and concerns you may have.

During their time at Canyon Kids Dental, your child will receive x-rays, oral hygiene instructions, a dental exam, and fluoride treatment. The dentist will take time with you and your child to answer any questions and upon leaving, your child will receive a prize and be scheduled for their next appointment.

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